The Sinlander

From Brisbane to Cairns and every railside dunny on the way
Queensland at its length… almost
Students and pensioners in cheap seats
Over flooded creeks and burnt out paddocks trundle along

Nicotine stained fingers clench brown paper bags, smoking kids, wanking in the toilets and the meter high club rolls on
Angry men mad to fight ya, kids crying and mothers glad to be away at last
Too many would be Ronnie Biggses on this journey
Conductors pissed and pissed off
Can we stand another minute?

What town was that? Gympie!
Only 24 hours longer!
Could be in Prague, Shanghi, St.Petersburg.
But here in Queensland you’re on your own on the Sinlander
Railway announcements maintain accents in the true nasal
Thought through by marketing experts who know
that’s what they really want: the real Aussie
They really want the Sinlander

No matter how long it takes, how bad the product, how draconian the service
You get what you pay for in Queensland

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