Love and politics Sunday, 5 August 2001

On a breeze and a dream
Rail against the moon
too close, too close to the buildings
Smack in the face
Smart girl
Drunk more than enough, leave me alone
Fuck off!

Hungover girl
Close to the beach, close
Step into the far too deep end
and fall
The dream merging into and out of
Our bodies merging into and out

A smile doesn’t let on, you know, to run
Sleep and fly away but trapped in this bed
It’s too much, too much said
Drink and eat, it’s worse
This is just a body, leave me

It’s not my dream.
my imagination
Places I don’t like
Or want to care about
But those eyes
drag me, to where I don’t know.
Fuck off
Don’t leave me

Through the breeze
In the quiet
Far from the whispers -the set up
Arms curl into shoulders
Feet stroke long lost partners,
kindle the fire, smoldering
Sleep is not possible as the world
Smashes overhead

Did I do that?

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