Sing and dance
Fish in a tank
Swimming towards the sea

Into the blue
Surely make our own way
Over the shelf
Into the depths

In all of space there’s none like home
When you’re tired and sore
Home is always there for us
Wealth is precious lore

Rich or poor
Feet on the floor
Down the corridor
Slivavitsa drowning
Fish tank paradise
Safer on the inside

Water you flow through my eyes so I see
Water you hold onto secrets for me

Swimming to the end and back again

I see well through my fish eye

Water in your eye
Pebble drops in water ripples
growing circles spread

Got to go can’t wait no more
This tank got my soul
Leave all bags and take a ride
Yonder the journey

Where to place your foot
On sopping earth or solid ground
Haven of security says let go
and discover

Swimming into ocean blue
Voices can becalm you
Small reasons get
In the way of navigation

See the look
One big tank
Only pearls and sharks
Surive the changing tides

Drink from the cup
Run till the end
Cry till you see
Laugh through legends

Birds fly in the air
Fish in the water
In between where do you go?

Splendid future lies
Somewhere for your eyes
Painted in horizon hues
Don’t wait

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