Alone Spirituoso 2013

Alone Spirituoso


Trains ( my favorite)


the hours staring out the window

trying to sleep

hearing other languages that are sounds

Second class unreserved in India, people sleeping everwhere:

on the luggage racks, on the floor, standing

One teenage Australian- amoebic dysentry


An Italian family journeying between Milan and Rome share their food with the whole carriage.

Slow Christmas day on the way to Lisbon and further south the Algarve and gum trees…

Slow Christmas day on the way to Gundagai, more gum trees…

Faster and faster the TGV to… Canberra?





airport terminals, Schiphol, Heathrow, Manila, Moscow, Bangkok, Dubai, Charles De Gaulle

dreaming of sexual encounters with flight crew

watching violent inflight movies

with broken foot swelling and swelling

with blocked sinuses that split a head apart

meeting people adjacent- lovers twice

travelling with too much luggage

delays, delays, overnight, overnight

eating drinking sleeping hibernating




without language

in the whole world run off the road in Ayr, Queensland

Stuck in the back of a beetle with drugged maniac driving on footpath

Men with hands on my knee and invitations

French truck drivers striking, barricades and “the nights of burning tyres”

Italian truck drivers singing Verdi

In the wind and rain, tired and despairing


In my flat



Working on computer

Playing guitar, viola, stereo

Learning languages

Touching, feeling, waiting, dreaming





under the wave

catching the wave

with dolphins, beside, under, through

fin whack in the face, wounded

ecstatic moment

below the dark

unknown calling

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