Dominique is currently working together with Dr. Lyndon Ormond-Parker and Professor Aaron Corn on an Australian Research Council (ARC) project from 2018-21 titled Aboriginal remote narrowcast TV and the audio-visual archive. This project aims to investigate the world’s best practices in community narrowcast digital TV and contemporary methods for the long-term storage of both digital and analogue audio-visual cultural materials. This will assist in the long-term preservation of Indigenous languages and culture and will investigate whether health promotion and other messages in Aboriginal languages community impacts on community well-being.

For the next three years 2018-2021 a second international research project in which Dominique is part of the team is Think Big – Multi-national digital platforms enabling child and youth led health and wellbeing initiatives. VicHealth Sustainable Development Goals Partnerships Grant.

Dominique has a B.Ed in drama/dance/philosophy from Deakin University (Rusden). Working, directing, devising and performing with masks led to his Ph.D. thesis and film at ANU entitled “masked corroborees of the northwest”. The thesis is grounded in northwest Australia looking at a range of corroborees that incorporate the use of masks. It concerns performance objects that connect bodies to country, cultural knowledge and ancestors. Masks also reaffirm the political status of people in their country.

Research Areas:

current grants

2018-2020 ARC Indigenous Discovery Aboriginal remote narrowcast TV and the audio-visual archive.

2018-2020 Think Big – Multi-national digital platforms enabling child and youth led health and wellbeing initiatives. VicHealth Sustainable Development Goals Partnerships Grant recipient.


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Creative Works

Producer – Live Broadcast – Donna Abela’s “Flame Tree Street” play development workshop, 16 Mar 2018

Live Performance, Norm and Ahmed, Sweeney, D. (ERA2018 Researcher) & Lewis, R. (ERA2018 Researcher), 2018

Live Performance The Human Glove, Sweeney, D. (ERA2018 Researcher) & Lewis, R. (ERA2018 Researcher), Apr 2017



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Sweeney, D. “masked corroborees of the northwest” 47 min film screened at:

Nordic Anthropological Film Festival, Koper, Slovenia, 2009

Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival, 2008

Moscow Ethnographic Film Festival, 2008


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