Appointments and Grants

Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne
Chair, Board of Theatre Kantanka
Arts Advisor to ACT Board of Secondary Studies

2018-2021 ARC Indigenous Discovery Grant Aboriginal remote narrowcast TV and the audio-visual archive.
2018-2021 Think Big – Multi-national digital platforms enabling child and youth led health and wellbeing initiatives. VicHealth Sustainable Development Goals Partnerships Grant recipient.
CSU Compact Grants x 4

Lichen Collective

DIRECTION – Stage and Film
Production – Company – Year

Distance  by L Harris & D Sweeney, Booranga Writers’ Centre 2021
As you Like It  by William Shakespeare, CSU, 2021
Party Beach by Van Badham, CSU, 2021
Lazzi Bug Devised, CSU, 2020
Seeing Horrors 2 by Mark Rogers, CSU, 2020
Lazzi 2 Devised, CSU, 2019
All the Flags by Van Badham, CSU, 2019
More Lazzi Devised, CSU, 2018
This Territory by Noëlle Janaczewska, CSU, 2018
Lazzi Devised, CSU, 2017
Tales from The Arabian Nights by Donna Abela, CSU, 2017
Deadly, Sydney Theatre School, 2015
Wild, Group Devised, Sydney Theatre School, 2014
Shenton College SRC Film Museum of Australian Democracy, 2009
Tiddalik Children’s Film Museum of Australian Democracy, 2009
Performance Studies Macquarie Uni, 2007
Youth Week Workshops Wadeye/Pt.Keats April 2007
Commedia dell‘arte Workshops ANU Drama Dept 2003-2008
Mask Workshops Pine St Arts Centre 2002
How much can one bear Short Film 2001
The Red Truck Documentary in development, 2001
A Piece of Cake Belvoir Downstairs, 2000
Brainstorm Productions Alstonville, 2000
Director and Lecturer Griffith University, Gold Coast 1995/97
Mask Teacher/Director, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts 1994/95
Springvale Corroboree Katherine, NT, 1994
Accidente Adelaide Fringe, 1994
L’Etoile Paris, 1992
Graceland Lorne School, Vic 1990
Walk Across the Rooftop La Mama, Melbourne 1985
Waiting for Godot IR, Stagedoor Theatre, Melbourne, 1983

Theatre Performance
Production – Company – Year – Director – Role

Rush  Lichen Collective devised for Artstate, Riverina Playhouse, 2020 – Dede
Norm and Ahmed, Wagga Wagga Skateboard Park, 2018 Robert Lewis, – Norm
The Human Glove HR Gallery, Wagga Wagga, 2017 Lewis/Sweeney, – ghost
Do you have to Walk Around Completely Naked?, Feydeau, Fine Line Theatre, 2015 Company Devised – Ventroux
Walk Me!, Fine Line Theatre, 2009-11 Company Devised – Cleo (a dog)
Inanna’s Descent Theatre Kantanka, 2000-02 Carlos Gomes and Michael Cohen – Dumuzi
The Sheep Theatre Kantanka, 2000-02 Carlos Gomes and Michael Cohen – a sheep
Sweet Road by Deb Oswald Playbox, Melbourne, 2000 Aubrey Mellor, State Theatre SA, 2000 – Michael
Cheap Thrills Brainstorm, 2000 Jenny Johnson, one man show
The Eye Theatre Kantanka, 1999-2000 Carlos Gomes – Crew/Viola Player/Sheep
Bench – Adagio partner Streets of Dance, Sydney, 1999 D.Sweeney/K.Green – dancer
Breaker St Adelaide Fringe, 1998 & 1999 Therese Collie, Metro Arts, Brisbane – Potzy
Rebecca Twelfth Night, National Tour, 1997 Peter Williams – Frank Crawley
Madeleine Le Companie 108, Paris, St.Petersburg, 1994-95 l’ensemble 108 – Ratso, Gino, Harry
Accidente Anvil Theatre, Adelaide, 1994 D.Sweeney – Ratso, Gino, Harry
L’Etoile Hodgson, Sweeney, Anvil Theatre, Paris, 1992 William Hodgson – Mack, Raymond
The Captain & Brighella Anvil Theatre, Melbourne, Lorne, Covent Garden 1991 Peter Donohue – 2 masks
La Pozione Magico Anvil Theatre, Bologna, Venice, Florence Italy, 1990 Valeria Campo – Il Capitano
On Edge by Yvonne Fein Universal Theatre, 1989 Maurie Johns, Beauregard Productions – Daniel Harris
European Features La Mama, 1989 Bob Pavlich – Kandinsky, Schiel
Everyman, Morality Play Anvil Theatre, 1989 Robert Draffin – the Captain Melbourne Tour
The Entrepreneurs by Pauline Hosking, Carlton Courthouse, 1988 Malcolm Robertson – Blom
Twelfth Night Grin & Tonic Theatre, 1987 Bryan Nason – Feste
As You Like It Grin & Tonic Theatre, 1987 Bryan Nason – Orlando
Walk Across the Rooftop La Mama, 1985 D.Sweeney – one man show
The Purple and Black Zone Comedy Cafe, 1985 Russell Fletcher – Mr.Tom Kent
Hoover Wallaby’s Wedding International Rescue, 1985 Russell Fletcher – Captain Scar
Ubu Roi Alfred Jarry Pataphysical Theatre, 1982 Michael Agar – The Russian Army
Aesop’s Fables  & Eat Your Heart Out – Qld.Theatre Company, 1981 Lloyd Nixon –
Animals, Charlie (nine months TIE tour)

Film Performance
Production – Company – Year – Director – Role

Masked corroborees of the northwest by Dominique Sweeney 2010 (documentary)
In Too Deep Media World, 1988 John Tatoulis – Dinny
Jigsaw Colosimo Films, 1988 Mark Gracie – Sgt. Brennon
The First Kangaroos BBC4, Roadshow, 1987 Frank Citanovitch – Daly Messenger
Mullaway Ukiyo Films, 1986 Don McLennan – Jim
Souffle Swinbourne Film, 1986 Andrew Sharp – Ernest

Television Performance

Production – Company – Year – Director – Role

Farscape, Jim Henson Creatures 2000 – Ian Watson, Andrew Prowse – Tak, Cargn
Phoenix, ABC, 1991 Julian McSwiney – Wheels (detective) Michael Carson
Flying Doctors, Crawfords,1988 Dan Burstal – Chris (guest role)
Darling’s of the Gods, Le Mesurier, ABC, 1988 Catherine Millar – waiter (guest role)
Fast Lane, ABC,1987 John Clarke -Tad (guest role)
A Fortunate Life, PBL Productions, 1984 Marcus Cole, Henri Saffron – Albert Facey


2016 – present Lecturer in Acting and Performance Design, Charles Sturt University
Feb 2013 – 2016 Theatre History/Directing, Sydney Theatre School
Teaching Theatre History and directing – Traditional Aboriginal Theatre, Sumerians, Homer
and other world performance traditions.
Nov 2012 – 2016 Education Ranger, Centennial Park
Nov 2013 – 2014 Aboriginal Mask workshops – Erudio Education
Workshop for secondary teachers on approaches to teaching
Australian Aboriginal public performance materials in class.
Jul 2011 – Nov 2012 Sydney Girls High, Wairoa Public School, Meadowbank TAFE
Secondary school teaching – drama and special needs students.
Aug 2010 – Jun 2011 Performance Studies, UWS
Lecturer in Performance Studies.
Aug 2009 – Nov 2009 Performance Studies, Sydney University
Lecturer in Performance Studies focusing on practical Commedia dell’arte and
performance analysis
Feb 2007 – Jun 2007 Performance Studies, Macquarie University
Lecturer in Performance Studies
Mar 2003 – Dec 2007 Theatre ANU Theatre Department
Teaching mask and Commedia dell’ arte
Feb 1996 – Nov 1998 Theatre Lecturer Griffith University
Teaching, lecturing and directing in theatre
Jul 1994 – Feb 1995 Theatre Lecturer
Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, St. Petersburg
Teaching masked performance with 4th year students


Distance  by L Harris & D Sweeney, Booranga Writers’ Centre 2021
Cheap Thrills Brainstorm Productions, 2000
Accidente Anvil Theatre, Adelaide, 1994
Everyman Anvil Theatre, Melbourne, with Robert Draffin 1989
Walk Across the Rooftop La Mama, 1985

Apr 2006 – Jun 2009 – Living Democracy Gallery, Old Parliament House, Canberra
Content Development and Film Making
Mar 2007 – Jul 2007 Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney
Film maker and curator documenting Roy Wiggan, Broome – Ilma collection.

2017 Tertiary teaching subjects: EEL416 Learning and Teaching & EEL409 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.
2014 ‘Eight Ways’ Aboriginal Course, Dubbo, NSW
2013 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
2011 Certificate IV in Business
2010 PhD Inter-disciplinary Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University “masked corroborees of the northwest – ‘stand up in my head’” – 47 min documentary film and thesis
2010 ANU Graduate Course Award in Information Literacy
2001 B.A. Hons, Griffith/Sydney University
1994 2 yr Diploma, L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris
1985 B.Ed., Deakin University (Rusden) Drama/Dance/Philosophy

Sweeney, D & Everard, D 2023, Sharing Research Outcomes with Traditional Owners. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts
Sweeney, D 2020, Stomp in Australia Fusion Journal Issue 16
Sweeney, D 2019, Introduction Tales from the Arabian Nights by Donna Abela, Sydney, Currency Press
Sweeney, D & Lewis, R 2019, Perform ‘the space’, not ‘in the space’: Incorporating place, environment and imagination in integrative practices. Fusion, 15, 85-96.
Sweeney, D 2019, “What is the Australian National Maritime Museum Ilma collection?”, Archives and Manuscripts, pp. 1-11. DOI: 10.1080/01576895.2019.1570283
Sweeney, D and Lewis, R 2019, “Perform “the space”, not “in the space”: Incorporating place, environment and imagination in integrative practices.” Fusion Journal Issue 15
Harper, J and Sweeney, D et al 2019, “Dance like Bacteria Wonder with Me! Embracing Microbiology through Science and Art from Primary School to University.” IJISME Special Issue: When Science Meets the Arts: Bridging the Subjective-Objective Divide Part 2, 27(6)
Sweeney, D 2017, “I Wonder … Indigenous Corroborees and Masked Dances in Northwest Australia” Building Sustainability with the Arts: Proceedings of the 2nd National Ecoarts Australis Conference, Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Sweeney, D 2015, (Writer) & Dominique Sweeney (Director/Editor). Oosh Climbing. [Online video]. Shelter Building [Online video] Nature Mentors [Online video]. Getting Dirty. Sydney: Network of Community Activities.
Sweeney, D 2013, (Director) & Dominique Sweeney (Editor). Welcome – Draft Centennial Park Master Plan 2040 [Online video]. In C. Parklands (Producer). Sydney: Centennial Parklands.
Sweeney, D 2013, (Director). A Story of Chocolate [Online video]. In C. Parklands & (Producer), From Crops to Shops. Sydney: From Crops to Shops.
Sweeney, D 2009,  Masked corroborees of the northwest – “stand up in my head”. (Thesis (Ph.D.)), Australian National University.
Sweeney, D 2008, (Director). masked corroborees of the northwest [DVD]. Canberra: Centre for Cross Cultural Research. ANU.
Sweeney, D 2008, “Taking ethnographic film back.” Being There: After-Proceedings of the 2006 Conference of the Australasian Association for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Retrieved from doi:
Sweeney, D 2007, “Alan Griffiths’ Balmarra.” In L. Seear & J. Ewington (Eds.), Brought to Light II: Contemporary Australian Art 1966–2006. Brisbane: Queensland Art Gallery.
Sweeney, D 2007, Unpublished Report on the Ilma groundwork June 2007 with Bardi Elder – Roy Wiggan. Sydney, Australian National Maritime Museum

Conference and Other Presentations

FourW Pearl launch of the published collection of poems and short stories for the Booranga Writers’ Centre, Wagga Wagga Library, 30th Nov 2019
An introduction to masks in Australia, Performance Studies International #24 Daegu, Performance as Network: Arts, City, Culture, July 2018
Introduction to Masked Corroborees of the Northwest, 2017 Shanghai Theatre Academy International Symposium on Theatre Studies, Shanghai, China, Nov 2017
I wonder…, In between and across: mediating realit(y)ies in performance and performance ethnography Performance Studies Conference, Sydney University, Australia, 2016
I Wonder … Indigenous Corroborees and Masked Dances in Northwest Australia, Building Sustainability with the Arts, 2nd National Ecoarts Australis Conference, 2016
Mask Presentation, World Commedia dell’arte Day, Italian Forum Cultural Centre, 2016

Voice (light barritone): teachers- Graham Clarke, Donald Cant
Instruments: viola, guitar
Dance: Shirley McKechnie, Ruth Komezarov


Oct 2011 – Dec 2012 Project Manager with PreviousNext – Enterprise Drupal Website Developers
• Project Manager for the Australian Film and Television School (AFTRS)  Online Learning Environment (OLE)
• Project Manager of the Fred Hollows Foundation Website

Feb 2011 – Dec 2012 Drama Teacher at Wairoa Public School
Developing a program of drama and relaxation exercises with autistic and multiple
disability children.

Feb 2010 – Feb 2015 Project Manager with Itchee Feet, publishers of books, ebooks and apps for kids who travel
• Project Manager of the Itchee Feet WordPress/Woocommerce Website
• Project Manager of the Itchee Feet Drupal Website
• Project Manager of Itchee Feet Publishing
• Project Manager of Itchee Feet app development

Apr 2007 – Sep 2008 Project Co-Ordinator with Thamarrurr Council, Wadeye
Project Manager of a Cultural Project at Wadeye, NT.
Organise performances with elders and school, archival film return, music

2012-2016 Environmental Education Teacher, Centennial Park, Sydney
• Mentoring ways to be involved with the ecology of the park
• Curating and facilitating ‘Astronomy in the Park’
• Filming, editing and creating video clips on nature play

Canoe Tours Australia (Gundagai) – Canadian Canoe Instructor and Guide
Camping Valon Pont D’Arc, Ardèche, France – Canoe guide
PGL Ross-on-Wye, Brecon Beacons, Ardèche – Group Leader and Canoe Instructor

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